LMU SKWH 2021 2022

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Welcome to Sketching With Hardware Winter Term 2021/2022![edit]

This is the main page for this class.

Please join the Discord channel, as described in the kickoff slides on Uni2Work. The Discord channel is the primary information channel.

In case of urgent and sensitive requests, you can contact us on our mailing list: swh@um.ifi.lmu.de

Please always use this mailing list. E-Mails sent to individual members of the teaching team might not be answered (on time).


All meetings will be held at Frauenlobstr. 7a in Room 357. Please note the 3G regulations for accessing the building.

Dates (Phase I: Learning Phase)[edit]

All sessions start at 6pm (18:00 Uhr) and last one hour.

Session 1: Introduction (25.11)[edit]

  • Introduction to the course book
  • Hardware handout/delivery


  • Complete Tasks 1, 3, 6, and 9
  • Submission deadline: December 8 (Uni2Work)