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This is the course PEM2 at LMU in Winter Term 2020/21.


Current Task until 18.12.20[edit]

  • Set up a web server on the Pi Zero that can be accessed from a computer/device in the same local network, i.e. calling a webpage.
    • Your web server should be able to read out GPIO states, e.g. you can read out how often a button was pressed in the last minute or when it was last pressed. Think about how to realize data persistence.
    • The user should be able to control actuators via the webpage, e.g. turning an LED on and off
    • Remember: You already collected and curated references for creating a webserver earlier (see Resources below)
  • Explore options for sharing project source files within the team, e.g. versioning or continuous integration
    • You can use the LRZ gitlab: https://gitlab.lrz.de/
    • Alternatively, you could use a private or public GitHub repository (ask the other team members what they prefer)
    • One approach: Push code from your computer to the repository and pull the changes from the repository onto the Pi Zero
    • Alternatively setup a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline. This requires (way) more effort in the initial configuration but does not (ideally) require any manual intervention anymore afterwards when you push changes into your repo.


Project: SP, JP, JL

Project: JW, YS

Project: CR, HW