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what can we improve?[edit]

  • A quick intro into "electronics"
    • how does the voltmeter work/how is it used
    • R = U ⁄ I was mentioned but not explained again (i had that like 10 years ago in school)
    • "Spannungsteiler" was mentioned, but i struggled understanding why it is used, how we can measure values from LDR (or sensors with +/vcc/output)

kit / components provided[edit]

  • ESP32 / ESP8266 does not fit the breadboards well (actually it does for me now, but needs so much force that i was afraid to break it)
  • the list of components is not complete. Therefore it is not easy to find any datasheets


  • network video has a jump when connecting (where the access point is rebooted, time?),
  • network video doesn't explain how to actually connect the ESP to WiFi


  • keep intermediate deadlines. By delaying milestones without pushing out the final due date, there is less and less time for the actual tasks.
  • a page where all deadlines and a rough timeline are present would be helpful. I had to look at various sites to collect all the dates.