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Course Concept[edit]

The course includes several tasks. First, there is a self-paced preparation phase with individual tasks. Then there is a group task to explore how connecting devices in different locations over the internet works. And finally, there is the group project. This is the main thing - you should make a fun hardware sketch!

Preparation phase (self-paced)[edit]

10.8. to 28.8.2020

Here are tutorial and explanation videos:

We will have a Discord Server where you can log in when you are working on your project.

This way you can talk to the other students and help each other out and chat.

On workdays, there will be at least one knowledgeable person in the virtual lab so you can get help.

Individual Tasks[edit]

  1. Getting the ESP32 Hardware running; Blink internal LED, Print to serial line
  2. Output: LEDs with resistors, RGB LED, PWM
  3. Input: buttons, potentiometer (Poti), Light dependent resistor
  4. Mini System: connect a sensor and print to Display
  5. Mini System: connecting a servo to a poti or slider
  6. Networking: storing and retrieving variables on the internet server

Group Task[edit]

you can do this with any other person - this is not necessarily your project group.

Create a Networked Mini System

  • generating sound on one ESP based on sensor values measured on another ESP in another location
  • the system should be symmetric, both sides have a sensor, a piezo speaker, and a switch
  • if the switch is in one position the sensor controls the local speaker
  • if the switch is in the other position the sensor controls the remote speaker
  • the sensor value should be mapped to the output frequency


For each task a short video (up to 30 seconds) showing the working system and a screenshot showing the code is required. Preferably, we get from each student a video with 6 short videos and a single Document with all the screenshots (tasks 1 to 6). Deadline is 28.08.2020. Each group has also to provide one video for the group task and prepare an idea for their connected object – presented in a video of up to 2 minutes. Deadline is 28.08.2020.

Optional: You are also welcome to edit (or at least start to edit) one of the pages linked from the Hardware List. The LED page is an example, and there is an empty template available - just go to the template page, click edit, and copy the text. Then go to the page you want start with, open edit, and copy the text in.

Intermediate Meeting[edit]

(90 Minutes, Zoom), 31.08.2020 at 5pm - live online event

Be prepared for a discussion:

  • on the technical feasibility
  • about your time plan
  • things you need to build your hardware sketch
  • additional skills you need

At this meeting, all group project proposals are presented (if you cannot make this date, you may submit a video recording of your idea). Please see the Group Project SoSe2020 page for details and requirements.