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Getting Started with MicroPyton and ESP32/ESP8266[edit]

In this part of the tutorial, we explain how to get started with MicroPyton and ESP32/ESP8266. This includes how to write the firmware image on the microcontroller and how to use the python shell to interactively program the ESP32/ESP8266.

Success criteria[edit]

  • you have installed the uPyCraft IDE on your computer
  • you have a serial line terminal working on your computer (e.g., Putty)
  • you have written the firmware onto the ESP32 and the ESP8266 module
  • you could connect via serial line to the ESP32 and the ESP8266 module and let the onboard LEDs blink from the python prompt

Instructional Videos[edit]

Setting Up Software on Your Computer[edit]

For developing we use in our class the following software:

  • uPyCraft IDE which requires Python to be installed. Also, see alternative IDEs on the List of IDEs.
  • Putty terminal program on Windows or any other terminal program

There is a short video on YouTube (4:20) that shows the software: https://youtu.be/DnBBB8AcvBg.

Writing the MicroPython Firmware Image to the ESP32/ESP8266[edit]

In the video on Youtube (17:01) we show, how to write the firmware with the uPyCraft IDE: https://youtu.be/_TrKPDOReJc

Here is a version that shows how to burn the firmware onto the ESP8266 D1 Mini board

And how to control the on-board LED on the ESP8266 D1 Mini board

What could possibly go wrong when setting it up?[edit]

In the video on Youtube (10:32) we discuss different things that can go wrong when setting up MicroPython for ESP32/ESP8266: https://youtu.be/jhfURkMZVE

Unboxing the LMUBox[edit]

In this video (10:19), we have a look at the components that we are going to work in this course. We look a the selection of microcontrollers, input, and output components included the LMUBox: https://youtu.be/e3No4wGGQas

We also have a Hardware List where the components are described and where there are links to the individual pages.