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Group Projects[edit]

Groups can have 2, 3, or 4 people working together. The workload should be appropriate to the group size and there should be clear tasks for each group member.

Idea Presentation[edit]

Please add your ideas and what you want to work on to the Wiki Ideas Groups. This should help to form groups.

You should be prepared to present a group project proposals at the intermediate meeting (if you cannot make this date, you may submit a video recording of your idea or at least an entry to [Ideas Groups]])

The expected workload for the group project is 4 full days for each team member (e.g. if you are 3 people in the group you should have a project that requires 12 person-days = 12*8 = 96 working hours in total).

Be prepared for a discussion:

  • on the technical on the feasibility
  • about your time plan
  • things you need to build your hardware sketch
  • additional skills you need

Project realization[edit]

The project phase is self-paced group work. Each group is required to organize their schedule around their joint availability.

There will be individual sessions for help available over zoom.

If you need to larn extra skills or access to specific tools and machine, make sure to coordinate this with us.

Each group will get individual dates to learn about the hardware lab (soldering) and laser cutting


Each group by Monday, Sep. 7th 2020, 11am

  • defines their project goal - what will the prototype do?
  • sets a time plan and hands it in
  • make a shopping list for things required (List of shops)
  • defines 3 milestones (what is achieved when)
  • schedules meetings with teaching staff (we will put this on the course page so others can drop in' and listen in)

Deadline and Submission[edit]

Final deadline of the project: 30.09.2020 (you can hand in earlier!)

You need to hand in videos containing:[edit]

  • [per Group] The realized project vision like an advert (showing your functional prototype) ~ 30 seconds
  • [per Group] A description of your the system with some detail of what you built/programmed ~ 3 minutes
  • [per Person] A making off video, documenting impression from your development, explaining what you individually contributed ~ 3 minutes

You need to hand in Documentations:[edit]

  • [per Group] Abstract of the project vision (200 words),
  • [per Group] building plan and schematic, python code, and photos in a single PDF
  • [per Group] A ZIP file with sources (e.g. code, images, schematics)

Presentation and Feedback[edit]

There will be a group discussion and feedback session after handing in (20 Minutes Zoom call)

Public presentation either at the open lab day in WS 20/21 or on the webpage.