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System Description[edit]

A small gadget with a display. The system tracks a users activity at his own workplace through multiple sensors and if considered necessary, changes the working environment by increasing the desk height. All proceeded actions can be seen in the display. Further, an Avatar gives feedback concerning the air quality and suggests to open or close a window for a certain time.

The system’s recorded life data and statistics from all sensors can be seen in the React Dashboard. A user will also be allowed to change given values like the height of the desk in a raised state in order to adjust to his body height.

What kind data will be recorded by the system?
check whether the user is sitting at his workplace (true or false) movement of user while sitting at his workplace (movements per minute) air quality (humidity, temperature)

When will the system change the working environment?
after a certain time of sitting after too much body movement of the user while sitting (indicating a certain restlessness) inform the user to open a window (through the display)

How will the system give feedback?
an Avatar with the following states: Happy or unhappy Text