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Sharing My Interest, Ideas for Group Projects[edit]

  • <Your Name>; <Liste of things you find interesting>
    • <Project Idea1>
    • <Project Idea2>
    • <Project Idea3>
    • ...
  • Albrecht Schmidt (example): using environmental sensors (e.g. gas, temperature, humidity) and creating smell output
    • connecting coffee cup usage (one side) to coffee smell output (other side)
    • measuring temperature in one place and create a temperature display on the other side
    • ...
  • Julian Lorenz:using pressure sensors, led's, sound and a display
    • use it to make clinking glasses with your mates possible
      one glass for yourself and another glass that's representing your mates glasses
      the mates glass has a pressure sensor which checks if one's cheering at the moment
      if everybody is cheering at the same time => clinking sound, blinking led's and a nice screen animation