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An LDR is a light-dependent resistor. It changes it's resistance depending on the light falling onto the LDR.


How to connect it electrically[edit]

Connecting the light dependent resistor (LDR). The value you read is dependent on how bright it is.


How to control it in MicroPython[edit]

This makes Pin 34 an analog input and set it to 12 bit. It reads the analog value every second and print it to the console.

 1 #Example usage for ESP32
 2 from machine import Pin, ADC
 3 from time import sleep
 5 analogPin = ADC(Pin(34))
 6 analogPin.atten(ADC.ATTN_11DB)
 8 while True:
 9   analogVal = analogPin.read()
10   print(analogVal)
11   sleep(1)

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