PIR Sensor

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A PIR Sensor can detect motion, it is also called motion sensor. It detect moveing people or animals. PIR stands for passive infrared. Here we use the SR602.

It has 3 connectors:

  • - connected to GND
  • + connected to 3.3V
  • Out - digital output is 1 if motion is detected


This one is the HC-SR501 sensor and it should be connected to 5V, GND and a digital Pin.

Pir2.JPG Pir4.JPG

How to connect it electrically[edit]


How to control it in MicroPython[edit]

Reading the value and printing it to the console

 1 #Example usage for ESP32
 2 from machine import Pin
 3 from time import sleep
 4 # digital input on pin 26
 5 pir = Pin(26, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP) # enable internal pull-up resistor
 7 while True:
 8   pirVal = pir.value()
 9   print(pirVal)
10   sleep(1)

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